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Choosing the treatment for essential tremor that is right for you takes solid information and a chance to ask your own questions. You can sign up here for the program that provides people considering DBS Therapy with resources and support.

This program will give you:

  • Information to help you take charge of your treatment for essential tremor.
  • Free consultations with a nurse who can answer your questions about DBS Therapy.
  • Connection to current patients who can tell you what DBS Therapy has been like for them.
  • Online directory of specialists in your area.

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    Medtronic respects the confidentiality of your personal information. If at any time you wish to revoke all or part of this permission, you can email us to or send a request in writing to: Medtronic Patient Support, 7000 Central Ave NE, RCE 230, Minneapolis, MN 55432. This permission will expire 10 years after the date of your signature.*

    *If you live in Maryland, the consent expires automatically in one year. We may contact you then to see if you would like to renew it.
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Last updated: 4 Jan 2016